Tech Valley Code Camp, 2009

An Introduction to iPhone Development

November 7, 2009, SUNY Albany campus. See TVCC site for complete schedule.

Keywords: iPhone, Xcode, Interface Builder, Instruments, CLANG, Objective-C, MVC

Learn about the iPhone (and iPod Touch) development environment and tools by building a simple RSS reader application. Discover CocoaTouch, Apple's strongly MVC-based development framework and use the CoreData entity persistence model for local caching.

The session begins with a brief overview of the technical and logistical hurdles to iPhone development. After a short walkthrough of the tools and their major features, we quickly jump into coding. Familiarity with C-based languages (especially Objective-C) will help keep you afloat. Current Mac OS X developers should feel right at home, but attendees from all faiths & operating systems can easily pick it up.

We start by using Xcode's wizards to create a simple application shell and entity model. Using Interface Builder, Apple's GUI designer, we quickly layout data editing & feed display screens with just a bit of code to wire everything up.

Later on, we'll dive into the specifics of Objective-C's rich object oriented feature set and build a simple SAX-based RSS parser. Profiling our sample application with Instruments helps uncover any potential performance issues or leaks while scanning with the integrated CLANG static analysis tools reveals many common programming mistakes.

Finally, we'll walk through the basic steps required to package an application for AppStore distribution and answer any questions based on the presenter's real-world experience with a successful iPhone application available in the AppStore since opening day.

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