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Please note that Java WebStart is no longer the suggested way to install ShelfServer. Please see ShelfServer Installers for platform-specific installers for Windows & Mac plus a tarball for *nix-based operating systems.

The original WebStart instructions remain below in case you need to use WebStart for some reason.

WebStart Instructions for ShelfServer

ShelfServer, the desktop component of Tomes provides access for your phone to the book content on your desktop computer. You might think of it as a very simple iTunes for books (or not...).

ShelfServer can be started in one of two ways. Either downloading it as a ZIP file containing a double-clickable JAR or by using Java WebStart. For most users with a properly configured Java environment, WebStart is the easier way to go.

When you click the WebStart link, your browser should prompt you to download or open the file shelfserver.jnlp. You'll need to open this file, either with the initial dialog or by finding it in your Downloads folder and double-clicking it. This file is tiny and so should download in a matter of seconds.

When you open the jnlp file, either your browser or your operating system may give you some various warnings about the impending demise of your computer. Running ShelfServer has not been known to cause any desktop's to burst into flame, but your mileage may vary...

Once opened, you should see the Java WebStart splash screen briefly and a download progress bar for ShelfServer. The total ShelfServer download is 1.5MB, so it shouldn't take too long.

Once the download is complete, you'll be prompted by Java to accept the certificate which signed the application and (possibly separately) to grant permissions for the application to run. These prompts look something like the screen shots that follow. You need to choose "Trust," optionally selecting "Always trust" in order for the application to run. You may be prompted to enter your login password to authorize the certificate, and you may receive additional admonitions of certain doom from your operating system. Select Ok/Yes/Proceed/etc. for any such dialogs.

Once you've passed the gauntlet of various warning messages, ShelfServer start start up automatically: Screen shot of ShelfServer application main screen

Assuming your computer is on the same network segment as your iPhone or iPod touch, the ShelfServer should show up in Tomes like this:

Tomes accessing a local ShelfServer

Start Here:
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Start Shelf Server

New in Tomes 2.0:
Download Books without using ShelfServer

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