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Issues with 2.1 update

I’m still not sure what’s going on with this update to BookShelf,
but some users have run into issues after upgrading from the AppStore.
I have an update in with Apple which they’ve agreed to expedite (not
sure what that means in terms of approval time) which prevents the
constant lockup issue by not trying to re-open the previously read book
after a crash. I’m still in the dark as to what’s causing the crash at
this point.

In the mean time, the only work around I can offer is to delete
BookShelf from your phone and reinstall it (for free of course) from
the AppStore. You will of course need to re-download all your books,
but the stuck/crashing issue won’t reoccur.

Sorry for the horrible upgrade experience on this version. I wish I
could have found this issue before release, but I have a hunch that it
has something to do with how the AppStore upgrade process works. None
of my beta testers ran into it because beta versions are installed
manually through iTunes and never come over the AppStore. At least
that’s my best guess…

If you can afford to wait a day or two, the update with the fix may
be out quickly, but of course there’s no way to predict AppStore
approval times.

Sorry about this one, folks!

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