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2.1.2198 just hit the AppStore.  A million thanks to Apple for rushing this one through for me!!!

This should fix the crashing issue with the original 2.1 release.  The change to this version will make BookShelf not reload the previously read file after a crash.  Anyone who’s currently stuck in a crash loop should apply the update & launch BookShelf.  It will probably crash or lock up *one* more time.  Force-quit*  BookShelf if necessary, and thereafter you should be fine.

Sorry again for the bumpy ride on this one!

* If you need to force-quit in case BookShelf hangs instead of crashing, do the following:

For 2.x devices, hold the Home button until the app disappears.

For 3.x devices, hold the Power button until the Slide to Turn Off screen appears, then release the Power button and hold the Home button until the app disappears & the home screen reappears.

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