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WordPress be gone!

Minor detour to migrate to Movable Type…  I’m still not sure I like their Open Source attitude, but their security track record certainly beats WordPress into the ground. 

WP’s reaction to latest worm attack on their software kind of finished me off on the platform.  (“What?  You didn’t update the day after we released a new version?  Oops!  Hope you don’t get hacked!”)…  WordPress updates are a protracted pain in the neck, in part because their auto-updater seems not to work on the local files but only via FTP and because they’ve evidently never heard of SCP.  I can’t even remember the last server I built that had an FTP server on it….

For the record, neither this site nor my personal site were in fact hacked, but given that I was able to migrate all content to Movable Type in about the same time a WordPress update typically takes me to install, I’ll call it a step forward.

Even setting up the themes was relatively painless once I got the hang of their templating system.

In BookShelf related news, it’s been a fairly productive long weekend.  I’ve got image support in PDF’s mostly working and LIT support looking relatively stable.  I also managed to get BookShelf working more or less under the 3.0 SDK, but it’s crashing like mad for some reason.  Some posts I’ve read online suggest that it may be the fault of the 3.0 SDK and that a future build may fix it.  I can’t see any possible way I’ll have another update ready before Apple releases 3.1, so hopefully everything will just fall into place.

4 Responses to “WordPress be gone!”

  1. imdibiji says:

    LIT support: I had no idea Bookshelf had this. I downloaded the standalone Shelfserver (thanks for offering that, I was having problems with the downloadable version after 10.6 upgrade), saw a .lit book, downloaded it and it opened up just fine. Thanks for adding that! 🙂

  2. Zachary Bedell says:

    Glad to hear it’s working well for you! LIT support is brand new & still kind of beta. I was going for a soft launch in the beta server and plan to include it as an official “feature” in the next point release assuming nothing breaks too badly. =)

  3. mgodeck says:

    Hello, we’re working on a project for a project that would be an ebook reader that supported ePub extensions which would allow synchronization of the text with an mp3 audio performance of the work.
    Is this in your development track, and or are you open to licensing for extended development?
    Michael Godeck
    Seguin Texas USA

  4. pendor says:

    Well… About that WordPress thing… I went crawling back. MoveableType completely screwed the OpenSource community (again). MP 6.x is commercial only. Back to WP it is…

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