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Archive for September, 2009

Slowness & Crashes in 2.1

Monday, September 14th, 2009

I’ve noticed a few reviews mentioning poor scrolling & page turning speed in 2.1.  The performance differences from 2.0 are caused completely by the new auto-hyphenation feature included in 2.1.  

If you’re unhappy with the performance in 2.1, please try setting the Hyphenation option to “(Disabled)” in BookShelf’s global settings (accessed from the file listing, rather than inside a book).  You should see increased performance when scrolling, faster startup when restoring page position, and possibly also increased stability on certain books.

I’m considering removing hyphenation completely from the next build as it’s proven to cause more problems than good (IMHO).  I’m definitely interested in opinions on that, though.  Is there anyone out there who completely loves auto-hyphenation and would be heart broken if it was removed?  At the very least, I’m going to make the new out-of-box default to disable hyphenation as it was definitely the cause for some of the upgrade crashes seen in 2.1-take-one.

Input, as always is appreciated, though I’d GREATLY appreciate it if any prospective reviewers might post on the forums or drop me an email with their problems before reviewing.  Often enough, I have a quick fix available, and if not, I’m always trying to improve BookShelf based on user input.  

I don’t always see reviews, largely because reading about problems I’m powerless to help is just plain depressing.  Drop me an email, and I’ll do my best to help.  If you just write a review, I have no way to tell you that there might just be a quick switch to flip and make BookShelf work the way you expect.  Granted, I don’t always get to every email as fast as I’d like.  If I’ve ignored you, my apologies, please feel free to dis me in a review.  In that case, I deserve it.  Alas, being a one-man operation, there’s only so many hours, and some email do fall through the cracks.  Mea culpa

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WordPress be gone!

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Minor detour to migrate to Movable Type…  I’m still not sure I like their Open Source attitude, but their security track record certainly beats WordPress into the ground. 

WP’s reaction to latest worm attack on their software kind of finished me off on the platform.  (“What?  You didn’t update the day after we released a new version?  Oops!  Hope you don’t get hacked!”)…  WordPress updates are a protracted pain in the neck, in part because their auto-updater seems not to work on the local files but only via FTP and because they’ve evidently never heard of SCP.  I can’t even remember the last server I built that had an FTP server on it….

For the record, neither this site nor my personal site were in fact hacked, but given that I was able to migrate all content to Movable Type in about the same time a WordPress update typically takes me to install, I’ll call it a step forward.

Even setting up the themes was relatively painless once I got the hang of their templating system.

In BookShelf related news, it’s been a fairly productive long weekend.  I’ve got image support in PDF’s mostly working and LIT support looking relatively stable.  I also managed to get BookShelf working more or less under the 3.0 SDK, but it’s crashing like mad for some reason.  Some posts I’ve read online suggest that it may be the fault of the 3.0 SDK and that a future build may fix it.  I can’t see any possible way I’ll have another update ready before Apple releases 3.1, so hopefully everything will just fall into place.

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