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Moving Day!

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Just a heads up for anyone trying to contact me…  We’re moving house next week, so I’ll be a bit slower than usual responding to email & forum posts & such.  My desktop Mac’s already packed, so I’m down to iPhone and scrounged WiFi for my trust old MacBook Pro.

Actual move is planned for Thursday, so with any luck by this time next week I’ll be semi-functional again.

Presenting at Tech Valley Code Camp

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

If anyone’s in the Albany, NY area (or will be next week), I’ll be giving a talk about iPhone development at the Tech Valley Code Camp on November 7th at the SUNY Albany campus.

Drop by if you can and say Hi!  Room & time are still TBD, but keep an eye on the TVCC website for more info.

In case you were curious…

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Welcome intrepid reader,

I’ve made it a (somewhat sporadic) habit for some years to occasionally rave, rant, or otherwise spew forth meaningless nonsense on my personal blog, first on LiveJournal and now on my own domain since LJ’s policies departed a bit from my liking a few years ago.  While said ranting has occasionally leaned towards my iPhone development efforts, I figured the time has come to finally do something official for my applications.

So for the curious, the terminally bored, or perhaps the desperate insomniac, I offer this blog.  I expect I’ll occasionally curse the name of Steve here as I spend hours working around the iPhone’s quirks.  I’ll surely post links to nifty articles about development, and I’ll probably even talk about future plans for the app from time to time.

If that sort of thing tickles your fancy, read on!

Feel free to post any comments or suggestions, but please do be nice.  You can flame me on the forums if you really feel the need.  And to any would-be comment spammers:  May the fleas of a thousand yaks infest your underoos ’til the end of your days.

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